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  • Structural Concrete & Decking Systems

    When dealing with a construction company, building relies on a relationship of respect, quality workmanship and business efficiency. We at TopSlab hope to provide you with the service that you deserve as a developer of your project or home. From engineering to installation of decking and casting of concrete, we are the company with the scope of services to meet all of your needs in reinforced concrete, precast or in situ. Whether you are in the industry and are familiar with the all the jargon or simply want to build your home with the advice and guidance of a reputable and experienced company, our staff are ready and willing to meet your needs with patience, understanding and efficiency.

    TopSlab has been unsung in the many projects in the Western Cape since 1996, a need to rebrand TopSlab has prompted a restructuring of the company, with a hope to become synonymous with structural concrete in the Cape Town area and surrounds, as company that provides the all-encompassing service that is a great need for many hoping to achieve their project without the need to source many companies to achieve completion. TopSlab is put simply, a one-stop shop for any structural concrete required on your project.

    TopSlab experienced services include reinforced concrete columns and bases, concrete beams, decking, stairs and walls, as well as precast decking, precast concrete beams and staircases. TopSlab offers unique in situ shuttering in the form of ABS plastic shuttering for modular sizes of products, modern, lightweight and efficient while providing a perfect concrete finish. Thorough and economical engineering services will ensure you are not overcharged for anything on your project, with care taken for aesthetic appeal and architectural requirements. TopSlab provides off-shutter finishes and powerfloated concrete where possible. Of course, steel reinforcing and concrete supply and installation are a forte and part of the offered services to you, with no obligations as a client to accept all or only part of our services.

    TopSlab hopes to be beneficial to you on your project, whether you need in situ reinforced concrete, or precast rib and block or hollowcore, we look forward to a respectful and efficient and long-lasting relationship with you or your company, based on service excellence.

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