Reinforced Concrete

reinforced concreteReinforced Concrete is simply concrete that is strengthened by casting with it with internal  steel. It requires shuttering in the form of timber and steel or TopSlab’s unique ABS plastic shuttering system to form the required shape and contain the concrete. Steel reinforcing is placed and spaced carefully according to engineer specification and is then cast using the required grade of concrete. While this method is true for Precast, In Situ (on site) refers to a more complex and somewhat traditional process of construction as all the works are carried out on site, no pre-manufacturing of any elements. In Situ methods allow for the most appropriate design for the required works, favoured by architects for concrete features in design, as well as engineer’s as providing the optimal solutions for support and retention.

TopSlab provides reinforced concrete in the form of foundations, upright concrete columns, concrete beams, concrete walls, concrete solid slabs (decking), concrete walls for pool walls and retaining walls. In situ Concrete can be applied just about anywhere in construction, in virtually any shape and form.