Company Profile


TopSlab was founded in 1996 by Oscar Massenz, utilising his experience in the manufacture and installation of precast and in situ concrete projects, as well as a wide range of experience in all building works and business management. TopSlab grew by phenomenal proportions by the services of structural concrete installations in both in situ and precast methods.

With little marketing and virtually only word of mouth referrals due to Oscar’s hands-on approach to all his work on site, the primarily family business was newly established in its existing Brackenfell Industrial premises in 2002, expanding the staff which then included his brother-in-law, Marco Marchesi and son Paolo Massenz, who were managing the business as senior and junior manager respectively. With many projects and a steady client base, Topslab’s operations rose to a record 21 sites in progress in 2007 with over 10 teams starting and completing projects.

Topslab became a Proprietary Limited company in 2008, with Eben Swanepoel as the new shareholder and partner in a flourishing construction business. Directors were appointed and the staff was doubled with Paolo as a director and Oscar remaining as managing director.

After the economic crisis experienced in 2008, especially consequential for the construction industry, TopSlab saw it as an opportunity to increase quality and diversify its services. The industry’s competitiveness resulting in many similar companies closing their doors due to lack of procurement in the Western Cape. TopSlab started utilising the popular Hollowcore system to its precast methods of decking, which proved to be a modern, economical and convenient option for its clients.

As of 2012, TopSlab is geared towards providing a service that is accessible for private home-owners and for those in the construction industry. Moving forward the company has restructured the staff to include more supervision and management, as well as new technologies for optimising installation and for correspondence between clients, architects, engineers, contractors and TopSlab’s own workforce.

The company will strives to be an integral and professional part of any construction development, with experience and care in many methods to facilitate the process of building for its clients.