Rib and Block

A system of precast concrete elements consisting of steel reinforced ribs, which span across walls and beams spaced to accommodate blocks which are placed between the ribs. There is specified reinforcing according to requirements and reinforcing mesh which is laid on top of the structure. A specified grade and thickness of concrete topping is then applied, completing the structural requirements. The system is typically propped in 1.5m centres for 21 days to achieve full strength.

Rib and block has certain advantages, the first being that a monolithic cast of the concrete is usually achieved, the beams and staircases are usually cast at the same time as the deck itself. This method adds to the structural integrity of the concrete structure. Rib and block has malleability of design, it is easy to replace certain elements or make changes to the design, should the need arise. Plumbing and electrical needs are easy to incorporate into the decking. The soffit (underside) of the decking can be skimmed as a ceiling.

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