Reinforced Concrete Slabs & Decking

Reinforced Concrete Slabs and Decking

There are many methods of achieving in situ reinforced concrete slabs, with shuttering in many forms. Whether the older steel plate method is used, or modern steel and timber, or TopSlab’s unique lightweight ABS plastic shuttering system, we are a one-stop shop for slabs and decking. In situ formwork will always be of the highest quality and over-efficient to take loading of readymix concrete pumping and any works above the slab.

Our concrete slab pricing remains competitive, steel reinforced slabs will be carefully inspected by our engineers, or correspondence with other engineers on site to ensure that there are no defects when it comes to steel reinforcing.  Only the highest grade of concrete is uses and expertly placed and leveled.

On request off-shutter concrete finishing is available as a specialized service from us. There are economical precast alternatives that are provided by us, but in situ concrete is the best option when constructing your project due to its specific design and finish, as well as its structural integrity. TopSlab primarily serves the Cape Town area and Western Cape surrounds, but is available on request for projects in the rest of the country.

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